Adult breastfeeding dating site dream dating someone else

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Some mothers I knew wore bras to bed because they didn't want to leak on the mattress -- or their husbands. But I wanted to be a woman who lived in both worlds; I wanted to be the kind of woman who didn't care if she spurted.

One of my best friends in New York City told me that she wanted to set me up on a blind date.

Nursing had the same soothing effect on my baby, no matter how hungry, agitated, red-faced and cranky she was at the start. I'm grateful that back then I did not sit down at my computer and type lactating and dating into Google. Because recently, while writing this essay, I turned to my computer to do some research, in hopes of finding a thoughtful example of what it means to balance these two acts.

This was a time when I believed that love would overcome anything. The very first thing I did, even before crying, was to sit down on the living room rug and nurse my daughter, M. It was the place where my milk could turn my anger into white, warm calmness. lay on my chest, her tiny hands kneading my breasts, milk flowing from me, I knew that I could do this alone. But it wasn't long after her father split town -- as M.'s first birthday approached without a sign from him, I knew he wasn't coming back -- that friends started to ask me, "When are you going to get back out there? Still, noticing men in the hallway was not the same as dating them.

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