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For the record, and to clarify something that virtually nobody has pointed out: this was a United Express flight, not a United Airlines flight, operated by a contractor company called Republic Airways (no relation to the original Republic Airlines, which no longer exists). That doesn’t mitigate what happened, and the flight was operated on United’s behalf, using its livery and branding, which makes United at least equally responsible.

But, it’s a factual aspect of the story that has gone unmentioned.

(Really this is problem across all of commercial aviation, not just within the airlines.

Look at airport security, for example.) The result has been a priceless amount of negative publicity, and almost certainly a lawsuit to come.

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This is company-assigned flying and is very different from crewmembers who are “commuting” on their own time. That’s no excuse for what happened, and in some ways it only makes things worse, by showing off some sloppy planning, but it deserves an explanation.

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Somewhere it was written, or somebody had been told, not to go higher than this amount. This could have been, and , a ridiculously simple situation to remedy: increase the reward amount until the needed volunteers put their hands up.

What this required, though, was exactly the thing that airlines seem to be so afraid of: some on-the-spot resourcefulness.

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