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I knew hilarity was guaranteed when the gang of thieves all appeared in black, but our Fedra had to get her riot gear at the stripper store. A few recappers have asked whether anyone wants to re-cap for a new series.

The scene with Fedra, Agent Orange, Lorenzo, and Spiderus with animal masks was funnier than anything I’ve seen on “La Hora Pico”, that’s for sure.

Still, he thinks José Maria might be responsible for this crime. Faithful lap dog Bernardo has a Doggie mask, very apt. Bernardo is arguing that they can negotiate better terms if Netty is alive. WORSE THAN A DOG Yep, that's how Marianela has been treating him, observes Emanuel. ” a softer version of “maldito(a) which would be “damned” eso que ni que = sure, of course checar la cartelera = check the listings (for airline flights) Doris to André hablando del rey de Roma = speak of the Devil....(and he appears) Dicho of the Day Todo por servir se acaba. Now that can't be good sex for Eman but he doesn't seem to mind. At least with Brandon and Ilitia they both were hot and heavy. Absolute BEST SCENE hands down: Gretel in full fresa-speak, Oliver miming along, and after they totally blow Kristel's mind and exit, Kristel saying "I HATE her" with clenched teeth. Lo with a pig mask, Bernardo the fiel perro wearing an appropriate doggie mask, and Mau with the rat mask had me in tears. Mari is a nasty piece of work in both her personas. So many great lines but I think my favorites were:"IT' S NOT YOU, IT' S ME. SO GET LOST."&"THESE BOOTIES ARE MADE FOR WALKING"Those simply cracked me up as did all of those headings. I laughed out loud when you said this, possibly your most astute observation (out of many): "Okay Emanuel. You were in your element - observant, witty and all encompassing. In a class by themselves."Shut up Eman", "His own little masked bun in the oven" and as Sylvia already noted "Hatefully dismissive with old lovers" were only a few of my favorite lines.

) THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD Netty, Glad and Oliver are on their way home from the celebratory dinner at the mansion. Fedra, with a little salute to cleavage, has a keyhold bodice to her outfit. Lots of banging and shrieking and inside, Emanuel stands there unmoving, a total doofus, saying -Uh duh, what's happening? Meanwhile, Vicky, showing more ugly traits of character, assails Emanuel for his skanky murderous mother and claims it's all HIS fault for descending from those loins. Well, whatever.) Eman's not sure this assault is mom's fault but if it is..vows to set things straight. Anyway, Netty is tied to a chair in some dark dingy place wailing that she has no money for ransom. Which he gave to her until he could divorce that witch he's married to. Fedra's having fun channeling Cat Woman, purring and scratching Netty while fantasising about blowing her away with bullets then and there. Internet Previews: Emiliano wants Emanuel to run upstairs and get Victoria. Vocabulary: tener buen puestos los pantalones = to be the man of the house, to be a straight-shooting upright guy (Oliver talking about Brandon) embaucar = trick, con de por medio = at stake, at issue Netty, talking about the stumbling block of money in Emiliano's divorce proceedings. = darned, danged, friggin' as in “esta bendita puerta! My patience is wearing out with these double recaps! Did you notice in Mari & Eman' love scenes that he's the one panting in desire and she's just basically laying there? I suppose since Eman acts like Batman we had to have Cat Woman with Fedra in her leather disguise. Who could have ever guessed that was Fedra in the leather cat suit? I got home late tonight after a long day out of the house, kinda tired, and almost dozed off during one of the Lirio/Vicky love scenes. They need to inject a little creativity into those scenes instead of the same he said she said. You even got the perfect shot of Gretel and Oli doing their fresa speak, hilarious! That wsas just perfection - hats off to the costume dept. Gretel was funny in her description, but it was his mimic and Kristel's facial expressions that made that scene. I may have missed something back in some of the dicing and splicing before I could watch online with the new laptop - where is Muneca? And Barbara..just nailed it with your observation on those love scenes. I didn't think much of it when the actress was strictly Mari back at the first big Lurrrrvvv sceneand she had to deal with the fat suit. I almost get a vibe that Eman(Valentino) is really having to work thru those scenes to make them steamy. Judy, dreary double duty, yet delicious double vocabaulary, delightful double dichos and de-lovely double recaps.

Vincent Millay, but that song started going through my head as soon as I typed the title. And as soon as the divorce is final, he's marrying Netty. Everybody toasts with champagne, including Max who's arrived from the basement in full regalia. Yes, our randy little vixen has managed to escape the mansion and hook up with el Lirio at the boardinghouse. During their interminable love-making, he wonders why she doesn't regognize his kisses. 190 Vocabulary (just in case I poop out and don't feel like doing it later) Episode 191 THE BEST LAID PLANS WILL GET YOU PREGNANT On the back stretch now but this old nag is losing ground. THESE BOOTIES ARE MADE FOR WALKING Ilitia, redemption casting a soft glow on her already lovely face, is entranced with the plain little white socks from the market that Gladiola has brought. I’m not liking Axel being encouraged to fight for something he doesn’t deserve, so I’m losing hope that he’ll bug off.

But since this is a telenovela, we can trust everybody will stay Crazy in Love Forever. EMAN GETS A CLUE Emanuel, out by the pool, chuckles at how stupid he was not to realize Mari and Vicky were one and the same. Be content with the money you already swindled out of my niece Marianela, you trollop! Your “mujer”, Fedra just left a moment ago, sniffs Chema. Unfortunately big bro' Eman sits down and tells him not to give up. BERNARDO'S LIKE BRAND-NEW And living the high life. He’s not even that smart, and he’s constantly getting get out of jail free cards. And for all of you who were touched by the little baby socks scene... I generally tear up over anything concerning babies.

Azela certainly knows how to take one for the team. Rather than disinterest, the mood seems to be one of disenchantment.

Except he's no help when the trio is assaulted outside the boarding house by four black-clad thugs (Fedra, Lorenzo, Bernardo and Mauricio). The best part were the Kristel/Gretel/Oliver scenes. Kudos to the prop and costume people for providing the perfect masks for our leathered foursome. Thank you for your lively recap, great vocab and awesome screen shots. Bernie the lap dog, Low the groping pig, and Mau the sewer Rat. I can't ever remember disliking the "heroine" of a TN so much. Delicia is available Eman...viewerville would support you 100%.

Uni cut out all the Andre/Doris scenes and some of the scenes of Emil and Netty at the house of pain to announce their engagement. Like Pirate Babe, as each one entered I couldn't contain my laughter. I like how Bernardo kept sipping his champagne and complained about the lack of privacy. At least you got some incredibly entertaining scenes to recap. If those gang of four "masks" or heads weren't an inside joke, I don't know what is.

Emiliano explains that they can no longer live under the same roof. Who has the “agallas “ to sneer --What does a person have to do to get a little privacy around here.-- AND VICKY'S LIKE WHEW! TIRESOME LOVE DRIVEL Masked Marianela wants to know why el Lirio won't abandon everything for her. He maintains he must continue his noble work as long as the poor and needy require it. I thought the only one who absolutely knew for the longest time was Muneca.

He reminds her she was the one who told him Ilitia's bun in the oven was from another baker. Ready for the family dinner where he'll announce his betrothal to Ernestina Pavon Romero. Because Eman's not there (Tell him I had another engagement Emanuel tells Axel). Kristel is outraged that those two “sooooocial climbers” (trepadoras) have barged in and just where the heck is Mommy!? While Fedra drops to the floor wailing “My eyes, my eyes! Nice to see these two out-foxed and totally flummoxed by faithful lap dog Bernardo. Gretel happily announces that she has the proof Dad's marriage is a fraud and it will all work out. I know that if I continue at this rate then I’ll never be able to provide re-caps. Regarding Emanuel’s grilling of Oliver: I may have missed this, but is Oliver actually aware of the goings on between Brandon and Ilitia?

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