Danger of dating a married man

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As the lover you get the edited highlights of a marriage: the laughter, the smiles, the sex. But what we lacked was emotional closeness — that lovely sense of wasting time together and the accompanying feeling of certainty. And I’ve made myself a promise: in my next relationship, I want Sunday nights and Monday mornings together, and all the boring minutiae of daily life that couples take for granted. I’d had this real intimacy in previous relationships, now I desperately wanted it with Lauren. If it’s a man we’re talking about, inevitably they end up falling in love with them.In other cases, it’s the story of the ‘Forbidden Fruit’.When you find yourself falling in love with a married man, life can seem so much simpler and easy in some ways, but there’s always a dark side to it. Falling in love with a married man Love is a funny thing.And a woman will always love the attention, even if it comes from someone who’s already married or seeing someone. I don’t really know how women make the first move while falling in love with a married man, because I really haven’t done that.

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I haven’t come across any woman who pretends to fall in love with a married man just for the heck of it, but those women do exist, I guess.A great guy who loves his family and kids is a tempting offer and women like that in men, a lot.Though the woman might just end up as a home wrecker who has affairs with married men, it probably would start off as casual flirting, [Read: How to flirt by touch] but then it takes a nosedive into sexual overtones in no time.Women can be attracted to men for different reasons, all the way from the silliest to the biggest reasons. And if it’s not married men, women also get attracted to men who are dating someone else. Most people say it’s the woman who’s the home wrecker, the one who has affairs with married men all the time.But you wouldn’t say the same if you were that woman.

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