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However, few cases have been filed under a law initiated in 2014 by interim President Adli Mansour, which defined sexual harassment for the first time in Egypt's modern history.When incidences of sexual violence occur, Egypt's interior ministry has made it a priority to discourage complaints, at times even detaining people who file such complaints.“This is the game they (police) always play, especially since she is a girl.They incite the other detainees and say ‘this girl wants men and women to be gay’ so they harass her."Since the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi, under the pretext of a 'war on terror,' the security forces have embarked on a campaign of widescale repression of political opponents, actively supervised by the army, using sexual violence to crush, torture and humiliate," the report said.One woman, a student at Egypt's religious Al-Azhar University, a flashpoint for pro-Islamist protests, describes in the report intervening as police were sexually assaulting another woman.An Islamist insurgency in Sinai has increasingly crept into other parts of Egypt, including Cairo.The charges come just days after Myanmar's army denied all allegations of rape and killings by security forces.

The 28-year-old denies waving the flag but is one of 57 people arrested so far in Egypt’s widest anti-gay crackdown yet, a swift zero-tolerance response to a rare show of public support for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights in the conservative Muslim country.

Following the confrontation, she was placed into the back of a police van and was subsequently raped by three police officers.

Lethal impunity Despite initiatives in 2014 meant to implement stricter disciplinary actions against sexual crime offenders, little has occurred.

Seriously, half the running time is devoted to the narrator reiterating the one question initially posed.

I'm not sure whether this is due to the History channel having commercial breaks every 5 minutes, or thinking that their viewers have the attention span of a goldfish, or both, but really, there is not much to talk about, content-wise. ", spoken ad nauseum constitutes an obscene amount of time, while the rest of the documentary is devoted to far out speculation (such as that a bow shooting scene is a coded reference to male ejaculation, natch). It is mockumentary for the MTV generation, not a serious treatment of this interesting subject.

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