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The big one, Buster, had leapt up behind me with shocking speed and lightness before I had even regained my balance, and with a big firm hand, he pushed me forward and over the control panel of the treadmill.I struggled to wriggle out from under him, but his mate had a steel grip on my right wrist and pulled my arm forward and under the panel I was leaning over."Hmmmm," he rumbled, "nice pale ass," and while one big hand pressed hard between my shoulder blades, the other one palmed my naked butt and squeezed it hard. But I heard the crowd at the State of Origin game surge into a great roar at the same time, a roar that told me someone had kicked a goal in the big game just when I was screaming for help."Leave me alone," I shouted, struggling, really scared of what they were going to do to me. Then Buster's mate was stuffing his shorts into my mouth and had grabbed my other wrist, and I was in a real panic.But I got into my routine, chest and back, and didn't pay attention to anything else until I had finished the chest section, when I suddenly realized that almost everyone else had left. Nice piece too, but I reckon you take it up the ass," he said.

Now his spotting partner was on the other side of me, stripping off his T-shirt and leering at me.

He was bench-pressing with four 20-kg plates on the bar, about 180 pounds, and he made it look easy. Then another guy, almost as big as him and with almost as many tatts, and also a shaved head, appeared to spot for him.

He was a big white guy with lots of tattoos and a shaved head, of what was probably dark hair, that also had something tattooed on it. Pain in the asses, I thought, but only twenty minutes to go and I am out of here.

I wasn't that into Rugby myself, but I knew that the Queensland and New South Wales state sides, best-of-three games were an institution in the states of both New South Wales and Queensland, and I was in Queensland. I still had to brush past him to get out, and I felt his hand pat my ass as I squeezed by, getting a lungful of his sweaty musky body odour. After a few minutes I had almost forgotten the guy, just noticing him coming out and moving onto the Smith machine for some incline work.

As I returned to the free weights area to start my bent-over rows, I saw him. ." I said, making it clear I wanted to get past him. Muscles bulged all over him as he pumped the loaded bar up and down.

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