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We’ll start with exploring commonly used API styles such as RESTful and HATEOAS and compare them to the API style expected by the Progress JSDO library used in Kendo UI Builder.

Mike Fechner will be explaining how ABL applications can expose RESTful services through Web handlers (Open Edge 11.6 and 11.7) and will demonstrate how they achieve HATEOAS style self-documenting APIs through annotations in CCS compliant Business Entities.

We will look at the various ways we have of switching on Client logging on a client session.

We will take an in-depth look, with examples, at the output you get from the plethora of options available to you, including what each logging level adds to the output.

If you already know about Client logging, then this talk is probably for you.

If you don’t know about client logging then this talk is definitely for you.

This presentation will cover things that can be done in the setup, deployment and monitoring phases of your system to provide reliable performance to your users without changing application code. These measurements were conducted in the well-known Secret Bunker. Download files All Planning Disaster Recovery Performance DBA Tuning Telerik Monitoring Reporting Kendo UI Builder Dashboards SQL ODBC Modernization Tools Code Analysis Development UI Design Trouble Shooting Case Study Web Continuous Integration Deployment Technical Debt Deep Dive SCM Legacy Training REST PASOE App Server CCS Maps Replication Performance Worst Practice Load Balancing People always say that you are lucky when something bad happens but it does not affect you.

Getting to the bottom of the source of the issue is often difficult without the right tools and techniques.We will finish with some recommendations of what you should capture as a minimum to improve your ability to debug problem code, particularly in scenarios that are only reproducible on a client session in production.Let’s do all the hard work of investigating the options available together, so you can implement what you need immediately when you get home.Getting to the bottom of the issue quickly can be the difference between a happy and an unhappy boss or customer.We have assembled a crack team of experts on debugging and troubleshooting techniques to talk about their experiences and to answer your questions.

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