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We can say that there is dictatorship in all around the Muslim world.This is the rote cause of all evil things in Muslim world.This is our last article of our series introduction to Islam.We want to say here if someone wants to know about Islam he/she should try to look in Quran or in the sayings of Prophet Mohammad.D., cum laude/Justinian Society, from Albany Law School in 2000. S.2d 249 (2d Dep’t 2011) Bonded Waterproofing Servs., Inc. We just gave one example there are lot more examples can be given that actually these are Western powers that have double standards, they are the one who are backing up these bad rulers in Muslim world.These are political games and games of interests which is not easy for a common person to understand what’s wrong with the Muslims World.

David graduated Phi Beta Kappa/magna cum laude, from Hamilton College in 1997, and received his J. We are looking for candidates with exciting talent, those who understand that hard work, passion, professionalism & team work contribute to success and achievement.We are dedicated to helping our employees realize and fulfill their full potential!If we try to look Islam with the action of any Muslim or any Muslim leader, we cannot find the reality of Islam which exists on the face of earth. If someone claims being Muslim, it is not necessary that person is following the rules of Islam, even it is not necessary that such person truly understand Islam because there are lots of wrong interpretations on the name of Islam.There is lot more to say on this subject about the political situation of Muslim world throughout the history and current situation.

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