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Laura and Brent may be competitors — when there's 0,000 cash, a cookbook publishing deal, work experience in Australia's top restaurants and a car at stake, you have to have a competitive streak — but they're also great friends, so we asked them to fill out one last questionnaire ahead of tonight's grand finale. POPSUGAR Australia: What was the Master Chef challenge that changed everything for you, like a turning point in the competition? All my knowledge and skills have been learnt through the box. PS: What was your game plan going into the grand final?Brent Owens: When I made the strawberries and cream dessert, I finally had a top three dish. Brent: Clear mind, deep breaths, concentrate, don't freak out and just remind myself it's always achievable. PS: What’s the first thing you’re going to do when this Master Chef ride is over?PS: And no one wants to see you upset for the whole grand final — it doesn’t make for good TV! Imagine if I was crying the whole finale in the corner like a little Debbie Downer.I think the relationship I had with the judges, they understood when I needed to be picked up, and they saw me struggling, especially George — I think he understood me really well, and understood where things were going wrong.

A lot of stuff does get edited out, and lots of people got help over the whole series.

And then once I was actually on the show, I started to realise that uni was not for me, and that I didn't enjoy it, and it just wasn't the thing I wanted to go back home to. It's so weird that in six months my view of uni has changed so much. What was it like to watch that back and re-live that whole experience? Obviously I knew the results and everything that happened, but I think watching it really brought myself back to that moment, and I got quite emotional watching myself break down in that last cook a few times. So it was really nice to finally watch it and see how all the cooks went for both Brent and I. I think it’s a really weird comment that a lot of people have said to me.

PS: Throughout the series, or maybe towards the end, there were some viewers who thought you received too much help from the judges in some of the challenges. Laura: [Laughs] God, I wish I received more help from the judges! I guess everyone sees it differently, but I don’t feel I got that much help at all, especially towards the end; even in the top six, the judges, I think, just let us go with it to see what we could do on our own without too much help.

Whoever wins the 2014 series of Master Chef tonight, one thing's for sure: Laura Cassai and Brent Owens' lives will never be the same again. Brent: Heston [Blumenthal] is my biggest inspiration. The guy is a genius who makes food fun, creative and interesting. Brent: Luckily we were all very close friends in the house and provided a 'shoulder to cry on' whenever it was needed.

The young grand finalists, who will compete for the grand prize in a series of challenges, have promising food futures ahead of them, and as second runner-up Emelia Jackson has proven, you don't need to place first for a foot in the door. Every opportunity to speak to our loved ones was so appreciated and they were a huge, huge, huge support for me.

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