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Bringing Cubbie with me, we met at his clinic at Eastpoint last May. Although he did not say much, he gave me an honest and sincere impression. We dated, dined out, did shopping, went to the park and played with Cubbie.We have the same interests and it’s not a big deal to choose a film together.Trish amazing in her ability to understand that behavior modification is a lifelong commitment with remarkable results when following through and understanding that change comes with time and patience, and obtaining the knowledge to help make these changes.Snowy has shown through her intelligence that she can learn and overcome fears that she faces on a daily basis.Freestyle has changed to the game of "What can you do for me", with Snowy going through various Freestyle moves.The one and most important part of this great team is their bond and love for one another.

Continuation of Snowy's Freestyle Dancing is moving forward with a new twist of Trisha sitting in her walker chair.

Emergency crews worked as quickly as they could to get all in danger to shelter and higher grounds.

This is when Trisha saw that Snowy was truely a Service Dog for her.

Have you ever seen the film of John Cusack and Diane Lane, Must Love Dogs?

In this movie, Sarah’s sister registers her on a dating web site and includes the description of “must love dogs” on her profile.

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