Norton updating virus definitions

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You can obtain the most recent virus definitions (also known as protection files or pattern files) from Symantec in several ways.Running Live Update (the first option below) is usually the easiest and most effective, but other options are available.

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For more information, read the document: TECH100730 - Updating Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition virus definitions without using Live Update.You can also copy an file from the VPHOME share on any Symantec Anti Virus server.The modified date of the file matches the date of the virus definitions. EXE checks for new files, and then initiates the update process. EXE checks for new files about every 10 minutes by default.Once the file is downloaded, copy the file to some form of portable media, such as an external hard drive, writeable CD, or compact flash card.To update the virus definitions on a computer without Internet or network connections Note: Effective Thursday, August 18, 2005, US Pacific Time, Symantec will no longer release virus definitions that are sized to fit a set of standard 1.44 MB floppy disks.

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