Online dating market share 2012 chevy

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Who can afford them.” “At least I’m paying my bills and I have a place to live.” “Ehh that’s only possible for a select few people.” For most of us, we hit that “stuck/fucked” spot right when we get the first secure job.

They are far beyond entertaining silly stuff like “dreams,” “passions,” and other stuff.

To me, this has always been a symptom of being stuck, or feeling trapped in the rat race. You have to get that angry bitter shit out of you, so you start cursing at drivers in traffic, calling the lady in line at Walgreens a bitch, and throwing mini tantrums whenever possible. Complaining is the most exciting part of their day – and it’s just about the only attention they get. Girl can’t quit job because girl owes lots of money.

Outside of the normal paradigm for most: suffering in a job, deadly commutes, boring leisure time, jack-shit on the weekend, and an average spouse.

When your car breaks down, you lose your job, and your wife divorces you – all on the same day – these kind of people say stuff like “That’s life.” It’s like their emotional intelligence has vaporized into thin air.

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