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It also noted that in the romantic scenes there was little or no alcohol shown and therefore concluded that an explicit link between alcohol and sexual seduction did not exist (Wells & Youngs Brewing Company Ltd, 17 November 2010).

The Code prohibits marketers from portraying alcohol as enhancing popularity or being a reason for the success of a personal relationship.

But more recently, the ASA rejected complaints that Chivas Regal ads implied that alcohol could enhance popularity.

The ads contained an image of a bottle of whisky along with the text "ANNUAL BONUS: HAVING MORE FRIENDS THAN YOU HAD LAST YEAR".

In 2009, the ASA upheld complaints about an ad that showed a man being served a cocktail by a woman who appeared, from her pose, to be attracted to him.

The ASA considered the ad made a clear connection between the drink and the man appearing masculine, glamorous and aspirational.

iv) does the alcohol seem key to sexual success, for example by removing inhibitions?

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The ad was considered to link alcohol with seduction and therefore breached the Code (Wild Cape Liqueurs Ltd, 1 July 2009).

An ad for Wild Africa Cream Liqueur showed a couple embracing along with the text “Everyone has a wild side to them.

Discover yours with Wild Africa Cream” and “unleash your wild side”.

In January 2006, the ASA upheld complaints about two Young & Co Brewery ads, in one of which a ram, surrounded and adored by women, was held to personify the drinker.

Because the ram was depicted as the centre of social and sexual attention, the ASA considered the ads implied Youngs’ drinkers would be more socially and sexually successful (Young & Cos Brewery Plc, 11 January 2006).

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