Scott dating kardashian

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According to Sunday's episode, it seems like things are going really well for Kourtney and Younes, so the trip seemed to be more fun than not. We've definitely seen Kourtney and Scott get along well while co-parenting on the show before, so hopefully, they can get back to a good place again, regardless of the other relationships in their lives.

Both of them deserve to be happy, whatever that means for each of them.

Paris Hilton is also a former friend of Kim Kardashian West, younger sister of Kourtney Kardashian, who is the mother of Disick’s children—the oldest of which is barely twelve years younger than his now-girlfriend.

So, in short: there is no denying Sofia Richie and Scott Disick are really dating.

Somehow, they managed to avoid drama on their night out, and everything went according to plan.It all started when Scott found out that Kourtney was going to Cannes with her new boyfriend, Younes Bendjima.According to Kourt, Scott started texting her things like, "your little friend is going to get beat up every single day we're there," which obviously, she took as a threat, and when Khloé tried to call him, he ignored all of her calls.It comes with the lifestyle, which is something she and her family have had to accept...and even though she's had a rough time in the relationship department in the past, it looks like things are getting better for her from here on out. Well, his voice did, when Kourtney introduced him to Kris and Khloé via Face Time on her trip. He's been around for awhile now, so there's always a chance he'll actually be on the show in the future if their relationship continues to grow.

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