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3 form of address from husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend. 2 I testify there is no God but Allah (an exclamation of astonishment upon hearing or seeing s.t. as kak) for a person somewhat older than the epeaker. make a smacking sound while eating to express astonishment or call an animal. ber-kacak-pinggang with hands on the waist and arms akimbo. Balinese group dance featuring a seated chorus, the monkey dance.

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closemeshed, tighly woven (of cloth, wickerwork, etc.). kelor the merunggai tree, a small quick-growing tree cultivated for its edible piunnate leaves.

(Islam) the small cubicle shrine in the Great Mosque of Mecca which contains the famous black Stone of Mecca.

3) term of address to o.'s husband (in some areas).

bfo (Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg) Conference in Federal Deliberations (Dutch-sponsored committee that helped arrange federal gvt.

3 (Coll.) please (with a request to a person on equal or lower footing). 5 (Coll.) just try, let us see you prove (in challenge). dajal 1 (Islam) a being of the days preceding the Last Judgment who tempts humans to evil, esp. 2 (Islam) irreligious person who tempts others to be antireligious and licentious.

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