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Her right hand immediately caught my hand but I couldn’t stop I just moved her hand away kissed more deeply and then just squeezed her right BOOB. In a quick instant I removed her dupatta completely and it was on the ground. Big and Round I just sucked and sucked her jugs, licked it, bit was black and she had big nipples which were standing. Then I removed her ghagra she resisted a bit I said dnot worry I have protection. I pulled her ghagra down and she had creamish panites on. After 2 mins or so I stopped and by now I ha d a huge hardon. She has long fingers and the moment her hand touched my dick it was like an electric shock.Wow what a feeling, it was twice the size of my hand and I pressed it 4 –5 times that’s when I also felt her nipples it was kind of standing up and hard. I moved my left hand also and now I had both her BOOBs in my hand. Next day was my birthday and she asked me before going” What do you want” I said “You” and she smiled and said “No seriously”. I lay her on the sofa and kissed and kissed her thighs. It had a few short hair and when I moved it I saw it clearly I instinctively put my finger on it and slowly inserted one finer and she moaned and brought her hand and tried to pull my hand away. I just pulled her hand away and put my face on her pussy and kissed it and then slowly after separarting her legs started licking her pussy. She just shook it a bit and then I went closer to her and while I did it my dick was near her chin. I tell you guys there is nothing like the First Blow job.We got talking and then I played the guitar for her. I was not sure if she would come back but lo and behold she was there the next day.

She said “sure” I said no problem drop by sometime and she said sure. One Saturday morning I heard a knock and when I opened I saw Maneesha outside, her mom had gone to work and she asked me what I was doing I said “nothing” and asked her to come inside. We didn’t speak much she came to me and held my hand and said it’s ok yaar.you tomorrow and went.This sentence make my feelings up and I pressed him firmly on my MULA. It happened 4 years back and I wanted to share this experience with folks here of Human Digest.I live in Mumbai but was doing my Engineering in Pune and living in a place called Kondwa.Ashok was 30 and Piyali 26 and they had a 7 month old baby.As the journey proceeded so also our conversation, in a couple of ours we found ourselves pretty close to eachother and also started talking personal likes and dislikes, and Sapna slowly whispers in my ears that an ideal couple for swapping.

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