Teen dating violence prevention lesson plans

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'I want to make a commitment that I will talk to someone before I hurt myself when I'm feeling depressed, sad or going through a hard week, month or year.'He then states: 'I want to challenge you to do the same - to help yourself, not hurt yourself.'Draven gets a bit more personal in the second video, where he is joined by his mother Samantha.

In that video Samantha starts by thanking Kristy's, a restaurant in Malibu where they taped the video.

Maybe he'll pop back up,' says the high school student.'It's hard because sometimes you just sit down, you start thinking about ...

I came across old home videos that he had, things like that.

Begin the class with a discussion of the important points covered in the reading.

Their challenge will be to design and publish a Web site for other teens to find information on the subject.

"Dating Violence Detectives" Estimated Time of Completion: Four or five 50-minute periods I. (Note: limiting each team to one Web page will make it easier to link them together into a cohesive site.) One group will also be responsible for creating the homepage and navigation bar.

Divide the class into teams that will each create one page apiece for one or more of the topics discussed.

Depending on how many students are in a team, the tasks can be broken down so that each student is in charge of one or more.

Day 5: All pages should be completed and all links tested by the middle of the class period, so that the Web site coordinating group could put the site together and then show the finished product to the class.

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