Teenage girl dating younger guy

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“Some women are lonely and if she meets someone, then all the best to her.

Everyone needs affection, if a lonely woman finds affection and love with a man who is say 27 and she is 40, it shouldn’t be a problem,” he says.

Charles Shyaka a 24-year-old student at University of Rwanda’s College of Business and Economics says that a glaring age difference in relationships can only bring about bad consequences.

But society doesn’t bat an eyelid because that is perceived as ‘normal’.But when a 50-year-old woman marries a 20-year-old man, hell breaks loose and society goes up in arms.Society has come to accept that a man can marry a girl fit to be their daughter but for a woman to do that is unacceptable.She cautions old women to avoid going into relationships with young boys.“Women should have some dignity and conduct themselves in a manner that will not compel society to judge them.” Jackline Iribagiza a counselor based at Martyrs Secondary School, Remera also warns that many of such relationships are based on lust or materialistic needs.

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