Thunderbolt city dating

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January 1974, Alan Mullery, Fulham v Leicester The Fulham midfielder won the BBC's Goal of the Season competition with this astonishing 25-yard volley from an innocuous-looking cross from the left.

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November 2001, John Arne Riise, Liverpool v Man Utd Riise set Anfield's incendiary atmosphere alight with a smouldering strike to match his flame-red hair.

The ball was still rising when it hit the back of the net.

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August 1967, Pat Jennings, Tottenham v Man Utd The ultimate long-distance goal.

Our goal—geographically speaking, anyway—would be to traverse the Ulaan Taiga's high country, a sponge cake of peat bogs, lakes, and streams enveloped by forested mountains.

This is the watershed for five major rivers, as well as the portal to the Dark Heavens, which Sardar describes as "a twilight world of lights, sounds, and voices."After a week of riding we would establish a base at the foot of Uma Tolgoi, which represents the earth mother in Tsaatan cosmology.

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They never found its fabled innermost sanctuary, but in 1998, after thrashing around the leech-ridden jungle for weeks, they did locate a thundering waterfall that had been rumored to exist for more than a century.There our shaman would enter a trance state to seek the counsel of spirits and ask them to guarantee our safety.As a finale, we'd celebrate back at Sardar's camp with cigars, cognac, hot baths, and massages before heading home, cleansed of our neuroses and possessing clear vision."The ingredients are gathering to make this either one of the greatest or strangest expeditions to a sacred mountain," Sardar e-mailed me in the run-up to the trip, "especially since we will have no real guide except for a little shaman who bears an uncanny resemblance to a jovial Gollum." Our day-to-day plans were likely to "change completely," he warned.He could be a model for Indiana Jones, right down to his beat-up Stetson fedora. Sardar's explorations have taken him to the far corners of Tibet and Mongolia to investigate occult mysteries of Central Asia's supernatural landscapes.These demanding odysseys have been carried out in the spirit of religious pilgrimages, or what Sardar calls "Buddhist adventures," the idea being to embrace danger and fear as a path to self-awareness.

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