Updating lg vx 9800

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I had one, it had a speaker problem, returned it, recieved a new one and it froze, causing me to lose 426 contacts and all of my pictures, ringtones, etc. But I will miss the self portrait aspect that I had on my LG 7000 and I will miss the 24 hr readout option I had on my Moto T720.Phones are personal items and all verizon did was say, oops, and give me a third one of this phone, which i do NOT want. I give the LG 9800 a 4.8 I just got my VX 9800 a week ago and all i could say is... you dont really need to spend a lot for it, thats if you are willing to spend 125 bucks for it (worth the money)..

I don't feel this phone is worth the amount of money you have to pay for it to keep locking up, and you having to get another phone. I don't mean to be a downer, but please, do not waste your money. Yes I have looked at others but the LG 9800 has me.I am currently trying to sell it and brand new, in the box, am having trouble. just dont go to those verizon people that is out in the mall cuz they will rip you off.. i payed mines for 225.00 after tax and then you will get 100.00 bucks rebate, plus you get all the accesories with it too, (pouch, car charger, ear piece etc.) i just wish they have a better case for it though iunstead of the pouch. COM" for all your cases, they make the best one, kinda pricey but worth the money/investment for it.. i hd hope that your people at lg keeping doing the good work you have been doing cus all my life i have never used any 0ther phone except an lg phone. Has anyone out there compared the internet capability?I paid FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS FOR THIS PHONE, mind you. I've had mine for a week and haven't found anything that I didn't like about the phone that wasn't cured by reading the instructions. First, to turn on the camera, you have to press the side button for three long seconds, or press LEFT,2,3 which takes almost as long... even when the technology was nothing to write home about bye kens I went to play with the phone at the store, I found the menus a little hard to follow. On the sidekick you can actually see pages almost as good as a computer.The second problem, may be the fault of the cheap headbuds that I picked up to fit that smaller plug. My main problem is that it is so far only at verison. DOes this phone have the same kind of internet or is it just text more less?After spending time checking out the commercial for this amazing device, I quickly hopped in my car for a look at this new phone.

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