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'I think he still s**t himself around me though, like when I went to sit next to him later that night he wouldn't look at me. But I've been called worse things than a mug, and at the end of the day he liked Olivia much more than I liked her.'Talking about Olivia kissing both him and Chris in one night, he added: 'On the outside world, that wouldn't have happened. The disgruntled Islander told the Beach Hut: 'She said whoever picks her, she's going to give it 100 per cent but I don't feel like she's giving it 100 per cent.'I wouldn't have been so into her, because alarm bells would have been ringing way before that night happened. 'I'm not going to put my guard down when I know I'm vulnerable. 'That's why I never let my guard down because I know she was playing both fields. She's been playing me anyway.'Immediately focused on his next steps, Mike then declared to the boys that we would quickly move on to his next target – Chloe.'Do you know what I'm going to do? There was an attraction there on both sides but it literally stopped there.' Chloe consoled him, replying: 'She barely even speaks to you,' to which he said: 'I feel like I'm not really sure what to make of it all.'Chloe added: 'There was kissing this morning, they were all over each other, and he said 'love you.'As the conversation continued, it looked as though Mike was taking his first tentative steps towards making a play for Chloe.'You're a good girl man,' the footballer said.Despite Jess vowing to stay faithful to her in-villa beau Dominic Lever and claiming she would 'be on the outside' waiting, it's believed she took advantage of a private moment with Mike.

But, I'm blunt, so I'm going to say this: If Dom really had fallen for Jess, he would have followed her out when she was voted off with me.

After Jess was booted off the show, she gave Dom her blessing to make a move on any potential new islanders, but insisted she would be 'waiting' for him on the outside.

The news comes after Mike cheekily suggested that he planned to get 'a bit friendly' with fellow evictee Jess.

But the hunk remained adamant in his decision, saying: 'I have no regrets.

And I couldn't talk to my coach before going on the show anyway, as you have to keep it quiet.

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