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Web Assist had its beginnings creating extensions for Drumbeat, a popular server-side site builder—which was snapped up by Macromedia and incorporated into Dreamweaver (there’s that Dreamweaver Ultra Dev again! Over the years, the company, now based in San Diego, has developed a wide spectrum of Dreamweaver tools, as well as several standalone PHP apps – that happen to integrate effortlessly into Dreamweaver.

Web Assist’s Dreamweaver product line currently consists of about 40 extensions, available in three bundles: Design Extender, Data Bridge and My SQLi Server Behaviors.

Designed to replace Dreamweaver’s deprecated server behaviors, this modern workflow integrates Ajax for updating data on an as-needed, partial page refresh basis, through a visual programming environment with no coding required. Need some properly styled content for that app, optimized for mobile?

It also includes Power CMS Builder for straight-forward content management, so your clients can update their own content right in the browser or via the sophisticated admin interface.

To give you an idea of what’s possible—and who’s behind those possibilities—I decided to profile three of the major companies in the Dreamweaver extension biz: DMXzone, Project Seven and Web Assist.

I’ve long admired the foresight and effort invested by Dreamweaver engineers to make the core functionality of the program both customizable and extensible in recognition of the ever-evolving needs of web designers and developers. Thousands of Dreamweaver enhancements have been created by a global community, pretty much from the initial launch of the program.

Adobe Add-ons features a range of both commercial and free extensions, over 300 strong.

All manner of Dreamweaver enhancements are available, from insert objects like the HTML5 Audio Player from Solutions4to server-side components such as Linecraft Studio’s PHP Captcha.

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