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This is the man whose fondness for heroin and cocaine "speed-balls" once led Rolling Stone to dub him "rock star most likely to die in the next year".With hindsight, it seems reasonable to posit that Farrell's late-Eighties nihilism was reactive.He says: 'I wanted Etty to run and operate her very own house.

Soon after he began work on Song, he was approached by the American Anti-Slavery Group.

Their cries drown out my opening question, but the laughter that ensues breaks the ice.

I've waited years to interview Farrell; he's one of rock's true mavericks, and a sculptor and film-maker as well as a musician.

"They invited me to hear former captives from Sudan, Afghanistan and Thailand speak about their experiences at a conference in Washington DC," he says.

"Afterwards, when we sat down for lunch, I realised that I could help economically, and by disseminating information, too."Though Farrell has always been politically and spiritually aware, his current lifestyle is something of a volte-face.

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